Chloe Cherry: My Happy Place Is A Cock In My Ass


All-natural blonde Chloe Cherry is a cock-hungry slut who can't live a single day without having her asshole stretched out beyond recognition. This petite babe loves to rest her mouth and ass on a big cock. She enjoys the company of James Deen because the king of rough sex knows how to give her the anal destruction she's been craving for her whole life. Chloe teases James with her soft lips and warm hands. She's been feeling a bit horny right now and she wants James to help her quench her asshole's thirst for big cock. JD is the kind of man who will not refuse to help a poor girl out. He lets her suck his cock with gusto. Chloe makes sure to slobber every inch of the shaft, making the cock dripping wet. She then bends over and spreads her buttcheeks for the king of rough sex. James graciously accepts the invitation and sticks his cock deep into Chloe's tight asshole without any hesitation. Moans of pleasure fill the room as JD begins to aggressively slide his cock in and out of the tight hole. The horny couple fucks each other's brain out in multiple positions. Chloe's tight asshole widely gapes every time James pulls out his cock. Chloe can't deny her love for hardcore anal, especially if it's done correctly. Her body shivers in delight as JD continues to churn the inside of her ass. Chloe can feel the big dick going deeper and deeper inside her with every thrust. She can't do anything but loudly moan as she cums from the intense anal action. After a while, the horny stud also feels like he is about to cum. He pulls out his cock from the gaping asshole and showers the young blonde with his cum. Chloe catches his warm cum with her mouth and swallows it, not wasting a single drop.


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