Karma Rx Records Her First Anal Training Session


Horny tattooed porn star Karma RX invites James Deen over to help train her asshole before she can do anal. Karma sits on a leather couch wearing nothing but a zip-up hoodie as he comes to her and she brings out his big dick and immediately shoves it down her throat, filling her mouth completely. He turns her around and shoves his cock in her and she shrieks at his entrance into her. Then we see her lovely holes as she prepares to take his compete dick in her ass. He gingerly shoves a thumb in her ass to prepare her, he does it a little more rough and she gasps loudly as her tight fucking asshole gets stretched. He presses his cock against her asshole and she holds her breath as she waits for him to insert his head in her and stretch her out. With some struggle, his cock finally goes inside her and karma gasps loudly almost screaming as she gets her asshole stretched out. He takes his cock out of her to show off her gaping asshole and she spreads her ass cheeks to further stretch it out. He again gingerly enters her, but as she enjoys it more he goes in rougher and tougher and she exclaims in anguish as she wasn't prepared for her asshole to be stretched further. He removes his cock from inside her so that she can lube him up with her mouth, she turns with tears in her eyes and licks his cock up and down and he fucks her ass once more but gives her asshole a slight break. But before karma knows it, her ass is getting stretched once again, James chokes her from behind as he pounds her ass. He lays on the couch and fucks her ass while she lay on him, karma moans and screams as he continues to relentlessly stretch out her ass. He finally gives her tight asshole a break and makes her suck his cock, Karma tries valiantly to fit him whole in her mouth as tears start to form in her eyes from her lack of breath and the tip of his cock tickling her uvula. James chokes the fuck out of her and she gags, but she loves it, now getting used to his cock in her ass, she finds pleasure in it all. Now that she's taken James's cock in her ass she can take any cock in her tight asshole.


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