Emma Snow Goth Girl Hotel Room Sex


Emma Snow is looking hot dressed in a sexy black lingerie top and a pair of black leggings. Maybe the pink bedsheet, the reddish headboard and the two lighted lamps behind her make her look hotter than she already is. The blonde tattooed beauty kneels with her legs spread widely in front of the camera. But she keeps a little mystery as she puts her arms in between her legs covering her camel toe. She seems to be teasing whoever is behind the camera. She begins by seductively playing with her hair before she undresses. She slowly takes off her jeans revealing her black panties on. Emma now starts to pleasure herself. She pushes her black lacy bra, still hooked, down until both of her big tits are exposed. From her breasts, her hand slowly trails down to her G-string. She then places her hand inside her panties and palms her pussy. She lies down on the pink-covered pillows and she moves her panties to the side giving her more access to her clit and pussy walls, rubbing them satisfyingly. She starts masturbating by herself until James Deen appears. James finds Emma hot that he gets in the bed, no longer clothed. He lays down and she, horny as fuck, hurriedly kneels in front of him. She positions herself where she is nearest his big dick. With her black sexy lingerie still on, she attacks and take his full-length member inside her mouth. She gives him a blowjob until his dick is hard and ready to fuck. Emma hops on top of James. She gently guides his big hard dick inside her tight asshole. The sensation that she feels with her butt hole opening wide to take all of him inside her drives her crazy. She rides him hard in cowgirl while he adds more pleasure by caressing her tits and massaging her nipples until they become hard. James wants to take control over the situation that he surprises her by laying her down on the bed without even pulling his dick out. He fucks her in missionary but it is not enough. So, he raises her legs and leads them down touching each other. Her ass hole tightens its grasp around his cock making it throb. He then places one of her legs on top of his shoulder before positioning her in doggy-style. James humps her hard in doggy-style and gently lifts her up until both of them are kneeling on the bed while they fuck. They continue fucking in scoop me up position until she reaches her peak. When she is almost near her orgasm, James pulls out making her disappointed. Emma pushes him on the bed and hops on top of him. This time it’s different. They are in 69. She faces her big cock while her pussy faces his warm mouth. She gives him a blowjob as he eats her pussy. The pussy-eating session is too satisfying that she orgasms unannounced. Emma Snow is not yet satisfied that she continues masturbating by herself as James Deen leaves.


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