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Tasha Reign films her hookup with an online date. She dons an all-black outfit with knee-high high heel boots, some sexy leggings, and a badass leather jacket. He is quite romantic, having champagne on his balcony overlooking a beautiful horizon to watch the sunset. They flirt and converse and speak about a weird and sadistic date situation he was in. Intrigued by the conversation they had, Tasha suggests that maybe they should go inside and get a little more comfortable with each other. In the living room, they kiss hard and he undresses her, sucking and squeezing both of Tasha’s glorious tits. She undresses him and gets on eye level with his big dick, shoving it in her mouth, stroking and licking every inch of him, leaving his balls sopping wet with her spit. He bends her over a counter and drops her pants putting his tongue between her pussy lips and licking her clit and asshole, Tasha moaning in ecstatic pleasure, and grabbing and clawing at the edge of the counter barely able to contain herself. He stands and rubs his massive cock at the edge of her pussy, teasing her, until he finally breaks the plane and enters her harshly, she lets out a sweet gasp, and he grabs onto her shoulders as he slowly fucks her, her tits bouncing and jiggling with every stroke, and she moans with pleasure and delight. He chokes her and sits her on the couch to get a taste of her pussy, but then shoves his cock in her waiting pussy, she grabs his head and pulls his hair moaning as he continues to stroke and smack her beautiful ass, her lovely tits bounce up and down in an inviting motion, begging to be squeezed. He lifts her legs, licks her from her asshole to her clit and shoves his cock in her, fucking her while he takes off her boots and pants, she fucking loves it, moans loud and spreads her legs for him to go deeper, she’s gonna cum. He chokes her, she rubs her clit, she moans harder and louder, his cock is incredible. Tasha licks him clean, and he rams her head to the base of his big dick, then dragging her over to the ottoman to fuck her doggystyle and pulling her hair back and smacking the fuck out of her ass, Tasha fucking loves it and begs to be fucked harder, James obliges and chokes her while he’s at it. He then fucks her tight little ass, slow cautious fucks turn into raucous fast and furious fucks, stretching her tight little asshole, he smacks her ass red, Tasha moaning and smirking up at him as she becomes high from getting her asshole fucked. James fucks her cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggystyle, froggy style, until finally cumming his hot load in her mouth.


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